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Other Design Pursuits

2013 - 2022, Visualising experience

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New Ideas
Mapping & Diagrams
Sculpture By The Sea
Better Person

Adobe, CNC & Robotic Machine
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couple of years

About Other Design Pursuits

  • These are the highlights of the design work I have done in the past.

  • It would be great to show them as one page instead of 500+ case studies.

A Tape and a Magazine

I like to see objects from a different perspective, use items around me and put them on the table, reorganise it and come up with a new idea with a new story.

Image: a small collage practice. I often pick up recycled material to make artwork.



Pens and Papers

A good idea is always from a lot of sketches and experiments.

Image: a circulation diagram for airport facilities.


IMG_2426 (Edited).JPG

Visualising the

I prefer to use mapping and diagrams to record my design process.

Image: a mapping to visualise the walking experience in Marrickville Road, Sydney.

Visual Mapping.png

Red, Yellow and Green

The technical blueprint shouldn`t always be black and white, illustration and colour can bring more hierarchy to the drawing.

Image: a concept design for an immigration and detention centre. 



Models and Renders

Both digital models and render walkthroughs help stakeholders understand your design.

Image: Which city is this? The city of Sydney!



Wires and Umbrellas

A physical model can make people feel the experience of the space.

Image: I think timber and cardboard models are boring. Why not use a recycled umbrella, lights and copper wires? ( I was making a community hub for local artists).


Redfern Art Factory project.JPG

3D Views and Printers

Sometimes new technology could improve the quality of the space detail. 

Image: a 3D printed city.



I follow new technology to add value to my design and find another possibility to solve the problem.

Image: a user testing from my VR Hackathon.



Tools and Machine

Another way to show space and people`s experience is from a precise model. 

Image: was cutting the city of Rome by computer numerical control (CNC) machine as a part of city planning research.



Lighting and Exhibition 

I use all kinds of mediums to tell a story about my design.

Image: a collage work exhibition to address global issues.



Collaboration and

I believe teamwork combines the individual efforts of all team members to achieve a goal.

Image: to use recycled plywood (6mm to 15mm and create a beautiful sculpture by the sea (led by Dave Pigram, Iain Maxwell).



Share and Giveback

I like to share what I learned to giveback to our community.

Image: a presentation in the Sydney Designer Community workshop.



I design for users

It`s always exciting to see your work coming to life.

Image: a site visit, and a glimpse of the hotel construction I worked.



I design for
our community!


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